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Newborn and Toddler

We specialized in baby passport photos. We recommend that you dress your baby in darker colors no white please. In order to create good contrast between the white background and the subject, is very important that you AVOID WHITE OR VERY LIGHT COLOR CLOTHING.

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What is a Biometric Passport?

Practically all passports now a days are Biometric. Biometric Passports contain a chip that holds your digital information and the measurements of your specific photo. Most countries of the world have their own requirements as to how they want the photos done. We do everything we can to make sure your photos are always accepted by your Passport provider.

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Internationla Passport Visa Citzenship and ID Photos

We take photos for every country of the world, however, when we don't have access to specific country's consular website, is the customer's responsibility to bring us a printout with the specific measurements and extra information for that particular passport photo. Please note that under no circumstances do we Photoshop or enhance biometric passport photos.

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